The Early Years, 1963 – 1965

The Early Years, 1963 - 1965

Gram Parsons
The Early Years, 1963 – 1965
Sierra/Briar SRS-8702 (US)

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“Another posthumous release chronicles the beginning of Gram’s musical career with his first professional band The Shilos. Holding firmly onto the American Folk Music scene made popular by The Journeymen and the Kingston Trio, a 17 year old GP displays a rock solid, warm and powerful voice which draws a startling contrast to his later wobbly white soul vocals.” – Lar

01 – I May Be Right (Dick Weissman) 2:03
02 – Big Country (Jay Irwin) 2:53
03 – Zah’s Blues (Gram Parsons) 4:02
04 – Mary Don’t You Weep (Dennis Hupp) 2:21
05 – Bells of Rhymney (I.D. Ris Davis, Pete Seeger) 5:38
06 – Goin’ Away, Don’t You Wanta Go (Pat Sullivan) 3:43
07 – They Still Go Down (Dick Weissman) 2:02
08 – On My Journey Home (Traditional) 2:07
09 – Surfinanny (Gram Parsons) 3:09
10 – Oh Didn’t They Crucify My Lord (Traditional) 2:51

Unreleased Solo Performances:

The Great Silkie
Race With The Wind
The Rains Came Down
Hand Within The Glove
Rolling Stone
Darkest Years
That Kind Of Livin’
A River Is Made Out Of Raindrops
Just Can’t Take It Any More (Gram Parsons & the Like)
November Nights
Together Again (Brandon deWilde with Gram Parsons & the Like)
Do Right Woman (Brandon deWilde & Gram Parsons)Link
Hickory Wind (Brandon deWilde & Gram Parsons)Link

Banjo: Paul Surratt
Bass: Joe Kelly
Guitar: Gram Parsons
Guitar: George Wrigley

Producer: Paul Surratt
Tape Transfers: Bruce Leek
Disc Mastering: John Delgatto

Annotations by Mark Leviton:

This album is dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Avis Parsons, Gram’s mother, Paul Lewis Surratt, Sr., Paul’s father; and Mike Bixel, the Shilo’s most devoted fan.

This album of early tapes by Gram Parsons with the group, The Shilos, has been issued by Sierra/Briar Records partly as an historical record illustrating the development of Parsons as a gifted performer and songwriter; and partly as a means of demonstrating our respect for and thanks to an artist who has given – and, through his later recordings, continues to give – joy to countless fans around the world. May his legend never stop growing.