Conmemorativo: a tribute to Gram Parsons

G. Pirrung
Various Artists – Rhino (CD)

Boy, I’ve been busy tonight! Rhino has released a tribute to Gram Parsons featuring a plethora of alternative artists covering his material. The album (see comment in John Prine post) is named after Sauza Conmemorativo Tequila. Of the featured artists, Steve Wynn’s track is the same lineup as on the Gutterballs album. The Musical Kings features Peter Buck. Polly Parsons is Gram’s Daughter. Coal Porters features ex-Long Ryder and GP historian Sid Griffin. I’m guessing that most readers of this list are familiar with at least a few names below. Here’s the track listing (with the performers in parens):

Conmemorativo: A Tribute To Gram Parsons  –  Rhino 71269 (63:53)

  1. Christine’s Tune (Steve Wynn)
  2. Cody, Cody (Musical Kings)
  3. The New Soft Shoe (Polly Parsons and Eden)
  4. November Nights (Coal Porters)
  5. Sin City (Clive Gregson & Boo Hewerdine)
  6. Brass Buttons (Something Happens)
  7. Big Mouth Blues (The Wellsprings Of Hope)
  8. Hot Burrito #2 (Pet Clarke)
  9. Blue Eyes (Uncle Tupelo)
  10. One Hundred Years From Now (Stephen McCarthy)
  11. Do You Know How It Feels To Be Lonesome? (Carla Olson)
  12. A Song For You(Peter Holsapple & Susan Cowsill w/ The Walkin’ Tacos)
  13. Still Feeling Blue (Finger)
  14. Hickory Wind (Bob Mould & Vic Chesnutt)
  15. Return Of The Grievous Angel (Joey Burns & Victoria Williams)
  16. Juanita (Flor De Mal)
  17. $1000 Wedding (The Mekons)