Best Reverb Pedals Guitars
Best Reverb Pedals – Buyer’s Guide
Those of you in the vast world of guitar playing should understand about the equipment that comes along with playing a guitar, and that includes a reverb pedal. Reverb is useful to adding more depth and
Best Drum Machines Drums
Best Drum Machines – Buyer’s Guide
Best Drum Machines of 2019   1. Roland TR-8S – Premium Analog Drum Machine When you decide to invest in your musicality, you will need a top quality drum machine. With some of the highest ratings
Best Bass Guitars Guitars
Best Bass Guitars – Buyer’s Guide
Though often one of the more unheralded members of a band, anyone dancing in the club knows how important bass is to the feeling groove of the music. Of course, there are so many different types of music
Best Looper Pedals Guitars
Best Looper Pedals – Buyer’s Guide
Quickly becoming a staple for musicians, looping pedals have become more advanced and less expensive. Available in large, medium, or small design, manufacturers are offering a wide range of options and
Best Delay Pedals Amplifiers & Effects
Best Delay Pedals – Buyer’s Guide
The best guitarist in the world can only accomplish so much with their instrument alone before they need to begin experimenting with their sound. One of the easiest and most common ways to expand on your