Cody Cody

Words and Music by Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman and Bernie Leadon

D    A               D                     E          A      G
Cody Cody I hear you say I hear your voice calling me away

D7                                      G   E
I'm not afraid to think of what I might find

          D          A      G           D
I will be yours will you be mine

D              A                    D
We've all been young we've all been old

                     E            A       G
We've all been sheltered from the cold

D7                                             G         E
Come to my side and say what I think I already know

          D              A       G      D
I'm going away don't you want to go


D              A                D                    
I remember the face that Harvey drew it was of a man

E                  A      G
That my eyes saw thru

D7                                    G       E
Come by my side before the evening is gone

              D          A     G            D
And see where else this body's flown