Hot Burrito #1

Words and Music by Gram Parsons and Chris Ethridge

F          Fmaj7
You may be sweet and nice

F7                      Cdim or D7
But that won't keep you warm at night

Gm                                                           C
Cause I'm the one who showed you how to do the things you're doing now

F           Fmag7
He may feel all your charms

F7               Cdim or D7
He may hold you in his arms

Gm              C              Bb              C
But I'm the one who let you in I was right beside you then

F Faug Dm F7

Bb          Ddim            F             Dm
Once upon a time you let me feel you deep inside

And nobody knew and nobody saw

Gm                  C
Do you remember the way you cried

F            Fmaj7
I'm your toy I'm your old boy

F7               Cdim or D7
But I don't want no-one but you

    Gm            C
To love me  no I wouldn't lie

Bb                C7       F
You know I'm that kind of guy